Sex on the Beach Mocktail

Sex on the Beach Mocktail

We love serving up this mocktail at our local farmers markets. This tropical Bliss is full of yummy flavors and it is oh so refreshing.


Sex on the Beach Balsamic Vinegar
Sparkling water (we love Watermelon, Coconut, or Lime flavored in particular)
Lime Wedge
Fresh Mint
Thai Chili Olive Oil * (optional)


Fill a nice tall glass (we use 16 oz for this recipe) with ice.
Pour a full shot glass of the Sex on the Beach Balsamic over the ice.
Squeeze some fresh lime juice into the cup and add a few torn mint leaves (this opens the flavor tremendously)
Fill the cup with the bubbly water and stir well to combine. Enjoy!
* Feeling adventurous? We love to add a splash of olive oil in our drinks. It adds a wonderful creaminess that is very enjoyable. The Thai Chili also adds a bit of heat which is really fun!
*This can easily be made with alcohol as well. Adding a shot of Spiced Rum, Gin, or Vodka adds a grown-up flair. But please, drink responsibly.


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