Need to Know

  1. We only refill The Olive Groove bottle sizes Medium (250 ml), Large (500 ml) and 750ml..
  2. Bottles must be clean and absolutely dry. 
  3. There is a $3 credit per refill.


  • Use the bottom rack of your dishwasher with the dry cycle. 
  • OR 
  • Use a good dish soap and bottle brush to clean the inside of your bottle.
  • Use very hot water
  • Rinse thoroughly


    Bacteria grows in an undried bottle. Bottles MUST be absolutely dry.

    OVEN METHOD: Heat the oven to 175°F, turn it off and lay the bottle on a newspaper lined backing sheet until cool.
    PAPER TOWEL METHOD: Roll up a paper towel and stick it halfway into the bottle, placed upside down your dish drying rack, replacing the paper towel if it becomes soaked.
    COUNTERTOP METHOD: Air dry the bottle upside down for a couple of days in your kitchen.


    What Else

    —  Recycle your cap. We will provide a new cap.

    —  We only refill your bottles for you. We can not clean and resell the bottles. Recycle glass at home as you would any other bottle.

    Why Cleanliness Matters


    Fantastic for cleaning. Once clean, though, remaining water can lead to bacteria growth after your refill. Water has to be entirely absent from the bottle prior to refill. Be sure your bottle is dry, dry, Mojave desert dry. We can’t refill (or credit) bottles with any moisture.

    All Natural Products

    Our products are all Natural which means they have no preservatives or additives. This makes them incredibly healthy, and vulnerable to moisture. You can easily avoid this concern by following the cleaning instructions on the other side.

    Reduce Resource Use

    Glass is made from melted sand which requires lots of movement of materials. Even after a bottle is made, it travels from the manufacturer to a distributor to a printer (in our case) and then to our store. All that travel is dependent on refined oil.

    You can make a difference, and SAVE MONEY, when you wash, dry and reuse your bottles.

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