The Christina West Story

Christina West

Christina West always wanted to own a store in her small hometown. In 2016 that dream became a reality when she purchased a local merchant of top quality artisanally produced Olive Oils and Vinegars. Having no experience with the products beyond what most home cooks have, she embarked on the journey to learn all she could about her new venture. Very quickly she discovered that producing oil from olives and vinegars from grapes is just as challenging as creating wine with just as many variables. The location, the fruit, the processing method, the freshness or aging and many other influences all create nuances in the flavor profile of any olive oil or vinegar. So much to learn. She was hooked on all the interesting possibilities.

As Christina studied she became more and more deeply clear on the overwhelming health and flavor benefits to be found in the humble olive. In 2019, after several olive oil sensory analysis courses, Christina became an Olive Oil Sommelier, a rare expertise in the United States.

Her now sophisticated pallet and expertise is visible through the variety of products she carries in her store and online, all of which are there expressly to add new flavors to home cooked meals. Her knowledge is clearly visible from the depth of information on display everywhere. The Olive Groove is now a very popular destination for people who seek traditional or interesting flavors to bring to their home cooking. If you’re anywhere near Grass Valley, California, (the Gold Country of the Sierra Foothills) please stop in and say hello.