Blood Orange Caprese Bites

Blood Orange Caprese Bites

 The late winter months and early spring bring beautiful citrus among which the blood orange stands out as a spectacle red beauty on the plate. Missing summers sun ripened tomatoes? Try this gorgeous spin on an old classic.

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Blood Orange Balsamic Vinegar

This recipe can be made for 2 or for a crowd, make adjustments accordingly

You will need:

1-7 ripe blood oranges (depending on desired yield)

1 large package fresh mozzarella, one slice can yield 4 small squares as pictured

1 bunch of basil

Basil Infuse Olive Oil 

Blood Orange Balsamic Vinegar

Savory Pepper Blend or fresh ground pepper

Cyprus Flake Sea Salt or sea salt of choice


To Prepare:

Peel desired amount of blood oranges and slice into 1/4" thickness with a sharp knife

Our preferred way of peeling

Slice mozzarella into 1/4" thick rounds and trim edges to make square, cut into 4ths

Wash basil and trim large leaves from bunch to place as the first layer in your stack

Place stacks on a platter

Drizzle with Basil Infuse Olive Oil & Blood Orange Balsamic Vinegar 

Finish with salt & pepper & enjoy!


Recipe & Photos by: Amanda Ashley

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