White Alba Truffle Freeze Dried

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This outstanding product is the result of several years of research. Thanks to an innovative technique the black winter truffle can be preserved for months at room temperature and the taste can be kept unchanged.

The smell and the taste of the truffle “noH2O® dehydrated truffle” are released when the product is served on warm dishes , giving off those characteristic flavors which makes the truffle so unique.

Use tips: Add the dehydrated Truffle noH2O® at the end of the preparation letting your dish rehydrate the truffles. In order to taste it at its best, crumble it on your warm dishes and wait 2-3 minutes, so that the heat hydrates the truffle and its unique flavor can be better released.

TartufLanghe began in 1968, in Alba, when Beppe Montanaro opened a restaurant specializing in mushrooms and truffles, which would later lead him to develop a new business idea: establishing Tartuflanghe in 1975 in Piobesi d’Alba, Piedmont, Italy, together with his wife Domenica.

Since then, their passion for this local ingredient, the Alba White Truffle, has prompted us to create other products weaved with exceptional synergy, yet still faithful to tradition.

Country of Origin: Italy

Size: 2.5g (equivalent to 14.5g of fresh truffle)


100% dehydrated white alba truffle (Tuber magnatum Pico) GLUTEN FREE