Fajita Seasoning

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I love being able to grab a jar of blended goodness knowing I don’t need to go farther into the pantry to grab multiple jars to add more flavor. This Fajita Blend has been great to use for all things I want strong Mexican flavor. It is also SALT-FREE and is loaded with cumin. Fajita means thin strip in Spanish. When you marinate thin strips of steak, chicken, and veggies in our savory, tangy Fajita Seasoning, then wrap them in a warm tortilla, you'll have a near-perfect version of this quintessential Tex-Mex dish

Net Wt. 4.5 oz.


Great as a marinade for chicken or beef for a classic fajita. Use in chili or ground meat. Sprinkle over popcorn for a savory spicy treat!


Organic garlic, organic onion, organic black pepper, organic cumin seed, organic lemon peel, organic coriander seed, organic oregano, organic parsley leaf, and organic cayenne. SALT FREE!