Sprouted Sunbreak Bread Mix Flour

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Seen more commonly in the baking industry, Hard Red Winter wheat offers a high protein and gluten content and is rich in minerals and essential nutrients. It’s great for baking anything reliant on yeast or leaven Hard Red Winter wheat has a strong flavor and darker color.

Khorasan wheat is an ancient grain, with a nutty flavor. It receives its name from the region of modern day Iran and Central Asia from which it originates. Also known by its trademark, Kamut, Khorasan has a high protein content, lends a golden hue to its products and is found to be more easily digested by many.

By sprouting the wheat berries before dehydration, the bran and germ are intact making this flour a superfood. The process of micro-milling the dried wheatberries wakes up the enzymes, increasing the protein and amino acid levels which creates a flour easier for your stomach to digest (compared to regular whole wheat flours).

You may find a sweeter, richer flavor from the sprouted wheat flours than regular whole wheat flour. You may also find lighter, fluffier texture with better rise than regular whole wheat flour.

Substitute this flour in your recipe 1:1. In some recipes, it may require a small amount of additional liquid. Some baked goods may brown faster. Add a foil tent if necessary towards the end of baking.

Protein per Package: 30g

Net Wt. 2 lbs


Certified Organic Hard White wheat and Certified Organic Soft White wheat