Latest Report from The Olive Wellness Institute

Latest Report from The Olive Wellness Institute


For those of you like me, fascinated with the ongoing reports that continue to support Olive Oil as a contributor to better health outcomes, here is this most recent report. It's from the Olive Wellness Institute, which has collected over 200 reports to create a comprehensive single document. It's a 41 page actual document (7mb Download which is easy to scroll online) that describes much about Olive Oil, production, usage and benefits.


Relative to The Health Benefits the report shows among other things:

  • 26% reductions in stroke
  • 30% reduction in Cardiovascular Disease
  • 13% reduction in Type 2 Diabetes
  • 34% lower likelihood of Cancer
  • 51% reduction in bone fracture risk
  • Positive results for Weight Control
  • Reduction of Alzheimer's and dementia
  • Positive outcomes for people with Depression

    To take the health benefits a step beyond always consuming Extra Virgin Olive Oil straight from the bottle is on page 29. There are reports that show Olive Oil subjected to 460° showed no degradation after 20 minutes because of its extremelly hight oxidative stability.

    So, cook with it, too.

    The "smoke point" is a myth from the past.

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